Tips For Cleaning Stove Burner Pans


Stove tops can get extremely dirty after a while. The daily abuse of high heat and burned food can turn their once pristine surfaces into a hopeless mess of gunk. Homeowners should clean stove burner pans every so often so that the problem doesn’t get too bad. The big problem is when you are moving to a different apartment and the previous tenants weren’t paying attention to kitchen cleanliness. You will inherit the fruits of their negligence.

Soak and Scrub

Most people want to start on a clean slate. They want their homes to be as perfect as they can be. The pans will have to undergo a makeover so as to shine again. Mix in a few drops of dishwashing soap to a bowl of hot water. The bowl should be big enough to accommodate the pans. Soak them in the solution overnight so allow the soap to penetrate the dried dirt. Then use a scrub to polish every inch of the surface. Repeat multiple times until the pieces are completely clean.

If the scrub isn’t enough, use a kitchen scraper for better cleaning action. This plastic tool is specifically designed to remove leftover food. Do everything you can to accomplish the task using only light chemicals like dishwashing liquid and good old fashioned manual labor. Only if you don’t seem to be making progress should you think about calling in the heavy hitters such as highly toxic chemicals.

The Heavy Hitters

Ammonia can help get rid of stubborn burn food on the pans but it is a toxic substance that can harm the environment so please limit its use. Over cleaners can also be used but it has its own issues like its corrosive effect on metals. For your safety, always put on durable gloves when handling these substances. Getting them on your skin could cause irritation. They should also be used separately. Never mix these two together as their chemical reaction is not favorable inside a home.

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