Professional Carpet Cleaning Explained


Professional carpet cleaning equipment delivers higher quality cleaning than regular cleaning equipment. Whereas most people shy away from the extra cost that characterizes the initial acquisition of a professional carpet cleaner, the running cost, minimal repairs/ replacement, and the durability of professional carpet cleaners save users money in the long run. Here are a few advantages we, Cleaner Visions: Cleaning and Home Solutions, have compiled to help you understand the superiority of professional carpet cleaners.

Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines



A professional carpet cleaner is powered by a dual motor and, therefore, has a higher cleaning efficiency than that of the single-motored regular cleaners. Effective carpet cleaning is defined by the absolute removal of dirt and other stains from a carpet, as well as carpet drying. A single motor that runs both the water suction system and the scrubbing brushes does a less effective job compared to a dual motor of the professional carpet cleaner.

Running Costs, Maintenance And Warranty

Professional carpet cleaning equipment removes dirt and excessive water from a carpet fast, thereby, eliminating the need to run the machine for long durations. This reduces excessive energy consumption and the resulting high energy bills. Again, since commercial carpet cleaners are made to run heavy duty cleaning, they are made of high-quality materials and components that make them last longer than regular carpet cleaners. It is also typical for many commercial carpet cleaners to have up to five years of warranty compared to regular carpet cleaners whose validity can be as low as one year and not more than three years.

Water Storage And Capacity

Commercial carpet cleaners have multiple water systems to ensure that the clean, and dirty water does not mix. These machines also have larger water storage capacities than regular carpet cleaners, and that means a person can clean large carpets without having to stop for a water refill. The extra water storage may make these professional carpet cleaners larger/ bulkier than regular carpet cleaners, but the reduced hassle makes up for the bulkiness.

The choice of a carpet cleaner is determined by the carpet size, cleaning needs, and regularity of carpet cleaning requirements, among other aspects. Professional carpet cleaning equipment offer more efficiency, saved costs and durability compared to regular carpet cleaners. Follow Us For More Great Articles That Will Keep Your Home Perfectly Clean.