The Easiest Guide For Cleaning Toilets


Cleaning your toilet will not only keep your home looking neat but will also help keep diseases and infections at bay. Here are some tips on how to clean toilets.

The best areas to start cleaning your toilet are the handle and tank. Use multi-surface cleaner on these surfaces and use a quarterly folded cloth to wipe clean. A quarterly folded cloth allows you to use different sides to clean and dry the wet surfaces. To avoid spreading germs to the handle and tank, avoid cleaning the seat or lid first as they are dirtier.

Once the tank and handle is cleaned, spray the multi-surface cleaner on the lid and seat and use a fresh side of the folded cloth to clean. The seat is usually dirtier and will require more of the cleaner to properly clean.

Once you are done with the seat, it is now time to clean the toilet bowl. Sprinkle the cleaner generously around the bowl, making sure you cover each spot. Now take a brush and use the water in the bowl to wet it and then use a circular motion to clean the sides of the toilet bowl. When done, shake the brush to get rid of excessive water and then flush the toilet.

To clean the outside of the bowl, apply some cleaner on the surface and use the same method used for cleaning the handle and tank. Finally, use a dry cloth to wipe any cleaner left on the surface. This should leave your toilet sparkling clean.

With proper tools in place, cleaning your toilet shouldn’t take more than three minutes to finish. If there are tough stains on the surface of the toilet that have proven difficult to clean with regular multi-surface cleaner, go to your local store and get a commercial acid-based cleaner which should get rid of the problem a lot quicker. If you are trying to avoid such chemicals when cleaning your toilet, a pumice stone meant for toilet bowls will do just fine.

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