How To Clean Your Jacuzzi


Having a Jacuzzi can be a great experience for anyone. Cleaning it however, is not so great. In addition to regular maintenance tasks, periodic cleaning is required to ensure your Jacuzzi is safe and comfortable to use. The process of cleaning a Jacuzzi may seem tough, but with the right equipment, it won’t be so difficult.

Items Needed

– Spa filter
– Spa cover scrubbing brush
– Vinyl cleaner
– Submersible pump
– Towels
– Spa shell cleaner
– Scrubbing mitt
– Bucket
– Spa filter cleaner

Cleaning Process

  1. Before getting started, make sure you turn off your hot tub by unplugging it from the outlet. It is paramount that you ensure there is not electrical current flowing into the spa before you begin cleaning it.
  2. Using a submersible pump, drain all the water from your hot tub. If you are using an electric pump, take proper precautions to ensure your safety. For instance, when plugging it in, make sure your hands are dry. It is also important that you place the pump away from water sources to avoid damage and electrocution.
  3. It might take up to 30 minutes to drain water from the spa. Some pumps will remove all the water from your hot tub, leaving only ½ inch of water. Once the water is drained from your spa, take the shell cleaner and scrubbing mitt and get inside your spa.
  4. Spray the cleaner on to small sections of the tub until you’ve covered the entire spa. Use your scrubbing mitt to scrub jets, pillows, lips and walls. The filter compartment attracts a lot of grime and dirt and will require extra effort to clean properly.
  5. Once you scrub the interior, use a hose to rinse it and then drain the water using the pump you started out with. The ½ inch water left at the bottom of the spa can be removed using several towels.
  6. While the water is being pumped out, remove the spa filter and submerge it in a bucket full of water mixed with filter cleaner. Make sure it is completely covered with water. For better results, leave the filter to soak inside the water for 24 hours. Once it’s clean, rinse it with water from a hose and place it back into the spa.


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