How You Can Make Money From Your Spring Cleaning


Homeowners who think spring cleaning is just about elbow grease and getting rid of junk might be sending money to the landfill. With some planning and a bit of legwork, some of the common items people throw away while spring cleaning can add extra cash to their wallets and strengthen their bottom line. Cleaning the house is not the most enjoyable task; however, before banishing those old toys, books, or clothes to the local landfill, one should consider one thing: the more one cleans, the more one is likely to find ways of earning money from the items taking up space in one’s drawers or closet.

Some of the best ways to make money from spring cleaning include:

Selling Stuff Through Facebook Garage Sale Groups

Garage sales are a time–tested and popular way of earning extra cash from old stuff. However, having a garage sale means giving up an entire weekend to sit and wait for people to stop and buy items. This is why many people are turning to Facebook garage sale groups to buy and sell items such as books, clothes, baby gear, and much more.

Setting–up a Table at the Local Flea Market

Many homeowners prefer to sell their belongings face–to–face. Such people should, therefore, set up a table at their local flea market. They may have to get a license and probably pay a small table fee. However, they also get to display their wares directly in the path of interested buyers without having to put up signs, advertise, or hope that customers turn down their street.

Selling Clothes Through Online Consignment Stores

People who own high–quality clothes that they want to exchange for cold, hard cash should consider selling through consignment stores. Often, such stores provide free shipping kits to make it as easy and convenient as possible to send in one’s gently used clothes. Some of them pay in cash, while others pay in store credit. Either way, one gets something new for old clothes.

Other ways of earning money through spring cleaning include: using book reseller sites to sell used books, making money off old newspapers, cutting out and selling magazine ads, and raiding the recycling bin for items to recycle into money. Cleaner Visions: Cleaning and Home Solutions is a popular blog that offers innovative cleaning and home solutions.

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