The Best Way To Clean Shoes And Sneakers


Sneakers and athletic shoes can be very difficult to clean if you don’t know how to clean shoes effectively. There are certain tips and tricks that can be applied to sneaker cleaning in order to get the best results. The following is an explanation of how to flawlessly and effectively clean shoes and sneakers:

How to Clean Shoe Laces

First of all, the shoe laces tend to be most dirty, therefore remove them along with inserts or insoles and wash them separately. In case they are too worn out then they can be replaced instead of washed. Insoles of sneakers tend to gather moisture and therefore may stink, which is why it is advisable to soak it in a detergent solution with a sprinkle of baking soda to take care of the odor and moisture.

Brush Shoes or Throw Them in the Washer With Towels

One can also use a brush to brush away the loose dirt or soil present on the sneaker or shoes. If you are not up for manual brushing then you can throw your sneakers along with some towels into your clothes washer and let the appliance and towels work their magic on them. Warm water and regular detergent work wonders, even in case of the dirtiest sneakers! Clothes washer are suitable for shoes and sneaker cleaning but dishwashers are a big no-no as they are extremely harsh and can cause fading.

How to Clean New or Expensive Shoes

In case of expensive or new sneakers, it would be more appropriate and beneficial to manually clean it. You can use a soft brush for giving it a good scrub. In case your sneaker has scuff marks then you should get a Mr. Clean magic eraser to clear the scuff marks away. To clear away athlete’s foot fungus and various other bacteria from your shoe, you should disinfect them by soaking them in hot water with a few drops of pine oil disinfectants (these should be 80% pine oil). Some examples would be Lysol Pine Action, Spic-n-Span Pine, Real Pine or Pine Sol. Phenolic disinfectants also work wonders for dirty sneakers.

Properly Dry Shoes

Once washed, the shoes or sneakers should be air dried as the high heat of the washing machine can cause shrinkage or deformation. Simply put them in gym bags or wash socks and hang them out in the sun to dry. Save the packets of desiccant or silica salts from boxes of new shoes and throw wet shoes into a bag with the packets; the packets will suck out the moisture from anything, especially shoes and cloth.

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