Homemade Cleaning Solution For Electronics


We rely on electronic gadgets for a lot of our daily tasks. It only makes sense to take care of them to extend their lives and maintain a high level of performance. Cleaning should be part of basic maintenance procedures. We don’t need to go to a shop for this. There are plenty of cleaning products that we can pick up at stores to get the job done. We can even create our own to save money and be certain of the ingredients that we use. It isn’t difficult at all. Everything you need can already be found at home. Here’s how to clean electronics using DIY solutions:

White Vinegar and Water

For general purpose cleaning, just mix a bit of white vinegar in water. This solution should prove adequate when wiping off dirt from plastic surfaces like phone cases, laptop shells, keyboards, mice, printers, and the like. Dip a fresh cotton ball into the diluted vinegar and work your way across every inch of the device. You may also use a soft clean cloth to do this for larger surfaces. Just be sure to squeeze out excess liquid so that it doesn’t drip on the floor. One problem with this solution is that some people don’t like the strong smell of vinegar. The good news is that there’s a readily available alternative.

Isopropyl Alcohol and Distilled Water

If you are not fond of spraying vinegar all over your home office, then just pick up a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and dilute it in distilled water. This alcohol is known to be an effective disinfectant so it is perfect for cleaning electronic devices. Mix them in a 1:25 ratio to be safe. If you are attempting to wipe down a screen, it is crucial to use distilled water instead of tap water. The latter tends to contain a significant amount of minerals that could leave unsightly residues on the screen surface. Don’t forget to turn the device off before proceeding to prevent dangerous electric shorts.

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