Dealing With Excess Pet Hair In Your Home


There are many reasons to love pets: they do not talk back, they keep us company, they do not ask to borrow things, and they make us laugh. However, all pet owners will agree that dealing with pet hair can be a hassle. Even the cutest of kittens and the sweetest of puppies shed hair, which can quickly become a nuisance. Nearly anyone who owns a pet knows how pet hair loves clinging to fabrics and carpets. It seems to mock one’s attempt to vacuum it up. Pet hair can settle down onto just about anything one owns.

When it comes to cleaning pet hair from hard floor surfaces, the trick is to use an electrostatic or microfiber dust mop, rather than using a vacuum, which can blow pet hair back onto surfaces. Even using a broom can send pet hair flying. A swiffer can also do the trick as it catches the pet hair in its place.

When cleaning pet hair from area rugs and carpeted floors, one should first dust baking soda over the rug or carpet before vacuuming. The baking soda will loosen the hair from the fibers and deodorize the carpet at the same time. In addition, one should vacuum the carpet using three passes, i.e., back, forward, and forward on an angle. Homeowners can also use a rubber broom or a dry rubber squeegee to lift up hair from carpets. Those who can afford it should get a robot vacuum, which can work all day and night without complaining. In addition to dealing with pet hair, it also amuses the pets.

We do not recommend cleaning the furniture until one has swept or vacuumed the floor first, or else the pet hair will simply re–settle on the furniture. One can always vacuum again after cleaning the furniture. Consider using a microfiber cloth sprinkled with water on non–upholstered furniture, such as glass, laminate, or wood. The water helps make the cloth slightly sticky, while the electrostatic charge on the cloth will attract the hair.

To deal with pet hair on upholstery, pet owners should use a common household cleaning item with a bit of friction. They can also purchase a specialty product such as a squeegee. Ultimately, to effectively deal with this problem, it is important to vacuum and groom one’s pet regularly.

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