How You Can Make Money From Your Spring Cleaning


Homeowners who think spring cleaning is just about elbow grease and getting rid of junk might be sending money to the landfill. With some planning and a bit of legwork, some of the common items people throw away while spring cleaning can add extra cash to their wallets and strengthen their bottom line. Cleaning the house is not the most enjoyable task; however, before banishing those old toys, books, or clothes to the local landfill, one should consider one thing: the more one cleans, the more one is likely to find ways of earning money from the items taking up space in one’s drawers or closet.

Some of the best ways to make money from spring cleaning include:

Selling Stuff Through Facebook Garage Sale Groups

Garage sales are a time–tested and popular way of earning extra cash from old stuff. However, having a garage sale means giving up an entire weekend to sit and wait for people to stop and buy items. This is why many people are turning to Facebook garage sale groups to buy and sell items such as books, clothes, baby gear, and much more.

Setting–up a Table at the Local Flea Market

Many homeowners prefer to sell their belongings face–to–face. Such people should, therefore, set up a table at their local flea market. They may have to get a license and probably pay a small table fee. However, they also get to display their wares directly in the path of interested buyers without having to put up signs, advertise, or hope that customers turn down their street.

Selling Clothes Through Online Consignment Stores

People who own high–quality clothes that they want to exchange for cold, hard cash should consider selling through consignment stores. Often, such stores provide free shipping kits to make it as easy and convenient as possible to send in one’s gently used clothes. Some of them pay in cash, while others pay in store credit. Either way, one gets something new for old clothes.

Other ways of earning money through spring cleaning include: using book reseller sites to sell used books, making money off old newspapers, cutting out and selling magazine ads, and raiding the recycling bin for items to recycle into money. Cleaner Visions: Cleaning and Home Solutions is a popular blog that offers innovative cleaning and home solutions.

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The Best Tips For Cleaning Your Oven


Keeping your oven clean is a great way of keeping it in good condition all the time. Although there are so many ways which you can use to keep your oven sparkling, it is preferable to stick to the simple and easy solutions that can be easily done at home. The following are some of the main oven cleaning solutions for the ordinary home owner:

Aluminum Foil

The primary purpose of aluminum foil is to act as a preventive measure other than a cleaning solution.  In case you are baking anything, you should line the rack below the oven with a layer or two of aluminum foil just to keep the mess off your oven. However, don’t do this with the bottom of the oven as it may cause a fire.

Use Ammonia

Ammonia offers a practical and easy way to clean up an oven. The first step is to turn on the oven and let it heat up to a temperature of about 65°C. Dilute ammonia with warm water and leave it in the oven for at least one night. Use the liquid the next day to wipe your oven using a cloth. However, it is important to note that this method is designed for the electric oven and should not be used for a gas oven.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a very strong oven cleaning agent that can be used to deal with tough stains such as oils and grease spatters. Cleaning your oven using vinegar is quite easy. Just dip a sponge into undiluted vinegar and use it to wipe all the areas that need some cleaning. White vinegar is considered one of the most effective solutions in dealing with oils and grease spatters and should come handy in making your oven as clean as possible.

Cleaning your oven and making it spotless takes very simple DIY (Do It Yourself) solutions. Remember, there are a lot of benefits of oven cleaning and it should be really easy to keep your oven sparkling all day.

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The Best Way To Clean Your Kitchen Freezer

178499624Keeping the kitchen clean means keeping the stove, refrigerator, counter tops and floors clean as well as keeping the freezer clean. The freezer is the most complicated of these items to clean because it involves defrosting the chamber and removing the frozen food. It is simple to do if you follow these easy steps.

To clean the kitchen freezer, first gather these items for the cleaning process: a clean sponge or rag, paper towels, white vinegar, water, baking soda and a toothbrush.  Begin by removing the frozen food stored in it. Next, you should defrost the freezer.  Unplug the freezer from the wall outlet and open the door or lid. If ice has built up inside the freezer, you will have to wait until the ice melts and sop up the water.  The easiest method is to remove chunks of ice as they are freed from the surface of the freezer.

Wipe the freezer down removing any food particles and liquids stuck on the walls or bottom. Take any shelves or drawers out of the freezer to wash in the sink. Scrub them using a cleaning solution made from vinegar and warm water. Rinse with plain water. You’ll want to clean the interior of the freezer as well as the exterior, especially the door. To remove stubborn stains or spills in tight spaces, use the toothbrush to scrub them off.

How to Deodorize Your Freezer

To deodorize the freezer, mix water and baking soda together and apply the mixture to a rag and wash down the freezer. Use a cloth towel or paper towel to dry the interior walls, bottom and shelves or drawers.  Allow the freezer to dry thoroughly. Plug it back into the outlet and reload the food.

A clean kitchen freezer preserves food without capturing foul odors. It also allows you to organize your food better, because there is more room when ice isn’t adhering to the walls. Now, you can find the food easier and you have room to store more food. Follow these steps a few times each year and you’ll always have a roomy, fresh smelling kitchen freezer.

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How To Properly Clean Your Laundry Iron

180455547Irons are very useful to those who like to wear neat and freshly-pressed clothing. On the other hand, using a sticky, stained iron can be annoying and dangerous. If you’re having dilemmas with your dirty iron, you don’t need to purchase a new one right away. There are simple ways that you can try to help your steam iron become useful again.

Removing Waxy Substances From Your Iron

Hot irons tend to melt some waxy elements, especially on printed clothing. As these sticky substances accumulate, it gets tougher to run irons smoothly. If you’re having this problem with your iron, get a couple of pages from your old newspaper and set your machine to the hottest. Continuously run the iron into the newspaper until the wax is gone.

Removing Oil From Your Iron

No one wants to press clothes with an only iron. If you’ve accidentally spilled an oily substance into the soleplate, just get a damp cloth with a little bit of ammonia. Gently wipe the cloth onto the surface until the oil is gone. Get another damp cloth without ammonia and wipe the bottom of the iron a couple of times to remove any residue.

Clean a Clogged Reservoir From Your Iron

Some irons have built-in reservoirs so people don’t need separate sprayers when pressing their wrinkled clothes. Then again, these reservoirs can get clogged overtime, which makes it difficult to use them. In order to clean a clogged reservoir, just mix one part of water to one part of vinegar then carefully pour the mixture into the iron’s water compartment. Allow the iron to steam for a few minutes then drain the solution after an hour. Keep repeating the process until the reservoir becomes clean. Don’t put any garments beneath if the water doesn’t look clear to avoid hard-to-remove stains on your clothing.

These are just a few effective ways on how to clean your iron. There are other techniques that you can try, but so far, these ones have been proven by most homemakers.

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