How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Knowing how to clean makeup brushes is extremely important to have a healthy and hygienic experience with your makeup. There are a few different ways to clean your makeup brushes and we are going to visit one that you can do yourself in your home without having to buy any of the expensive brush cleansers that you see advertised. Here at Cleaner Visions:Cleaning and Home Solutions we strive to help you be clean and economical.

You can not only just clean your brushes, but also disinfect them. The first step is to get an antibacterial dish soap. Dawn is a great choice for this. Then we are going to use an extra virgin olive oil to make sure we do not dry the brushes out. This method is inexpensive and very easy to do all on your own.

First, take a plate and put a dollop of the dish detergent on it. Spread it about a little on the plate by tipping the place side to side. Now take your extra virgin olive oil and put a small bit on the side. Immediately take one of your brushes and start to use it and sweep back and forth through both the detergent and the olive oil. Next, take the brush and swish it back and forth over your open palm. Do this will all of the brushes you are going to clean.

Have a paper towel laid down on a flat surface and you are going to lay each brush down as you clean it. The next step is to rinse your brushes. Turn your faucet on and make sure you adjust it to warm. Take your brushes and one by one, run them under the warm water. You don’t want the water to be too hot or it could damage the brushes. Once you are done rinsing the brushes you can now take a clean and dry paper towel and carefully dry them off. Dry carefully and pull down in the direction of the brush.

If you have kept your brush guards that came with the brushes you can now use them to help dry your brushes. Do not dry your brushes upside down as the water will trickle down into the brush and slowly deteriorate the glue. Additionally, you want the brush to dry with the brush side down to keep any bacteria and dirt out.

Slide the brush guard on the brush and make sure it is overlapping the brush a tiny bit. You can now put your brush in a glass and have only the brush guard touching the glass. In this way the brush will dry and stay sterile and will also not become deformed.

We hope this has helped and please stayed tuned for our future articles on informative, easy and economical ways to keep your things clean and sparkling!