How To Best Clean Car Seats


In order to keep your car looking great and to increase its resale value, you’d be better off learning how to clean car seats. The method you use to clean your car seats will mostly depend on the type of seats you have. If you want to clean your car interior and restore it to its original look and feel, then this article is for you.

What You’ll Need

– Wet vac
– White cloths
– Stiff brush
– Spot remover
– Upholstery cleaner
– Vacuum


– Remove dirt and debris from the surface of your seats. You can use vacuum attachments to reach tight spaces.

– Examine your seats for stains and damaged areas. You’ll need to be cautious when cleaning weak fabric and holes to avoid further damage.

– Use stiff brush and upholstery cleaner to scrub the stain off the surface of your seats. Note that more energy might be required to clean out heavily soiled spots and stains. If you come across stubborn stains that won’t go away, use spot remover and continue brushing.

– Using a soft white cloth, wipe off the upholstery cleaner. Some products don’t require rinsing and can be left to dry on the surface. Read product label to learn about your product.

– If the product requires rinsing, spray small amounts of water on the surface and then use a wet vac to remove the water immediately. Leaving the water on the surface for too long might saturate the foam cushion.

To avoid mildew and mold growth, allow the seats to dry complete before using the car. Leave the doors open and windows down until the seats are dry.

– Using a carpet steam cleaner with upholstery attachments will make your work even easier when cleaning your car seats. When cleaning stains from leather seats, use a mixture of tartar cream and lemon juice with a soft cloth. To find out how effective the process will be, try using the mixture on a hidden area. If it cleans without leaving any spots, then you can go ahead and use it on the rest of the seat.

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How To Remove Odors From Car Seats


Once in a while you may carry something in your vehicle that may leave a stench or bad odor. This may prove problematic especially if the vehicle is used on a regular basis. However, you are quite in luck since there are so many products that may help you in eliminating this odor from your vehicle.remove odors from car seats using the following products and methods.


You should first assess the area that was affected by the odor to ensure that there is no damage to the vehicle seats. Check for any blemishes or stains left by the substance that caused the odor. Also ensure that you check the surrounding areas to assess whether there was any damage. If there is no discoloration or damage, you may use the following products to eliminate the smell.

Type of Smell

Do you know what caused the odor? If you do, use a smell specific method. If not, you should try to find out the source of the smell first in order to determine the correct treatment for the odor. For example for sour milk odors, you may use vinegar, coffee ground or an upholstery cleaning agent.


First remove all the loose dirt in the vehicle. This can be done by using a vacuum cleaner. After the dust has been removed, ensure you vacuum even in places you never vacuum on a normal day. After this, apply an upholstery cleaning agent to clean the interior thoroughly.

Use Air Fresheners or Air the Interior

A lot of fresh air will help you in eliminating the odors. After cleaning the interior of your vehicle, ensure that you air the vehicle properly. This will allow for proper drying of the vehicle. Therefore you will eliminate conducive environment for the development of new odors. Air fresheners may help in the short term.


After cleaning, you may condition the vehicle interior depending on the material making up the seat. For leather seats, use leather conditioner and for other materials look for a conditioner that is suitable.

If a smell proves stubborn, you may use professional services to eliminate the odor. Look for professionalism, quality of services, favorable prices and any other services suitable for your vehicle.