DIY Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning the duct in your home is a very easy process, but if you don’t know how to do it, you may face a number of challenges along the way. Remember there are special tools that professional cleaners use to get the job done and getting access to this equipment can be a challenge. However, you can still do a simple DIY air duct cleaning by using simple steps. The most important thing in air duct cleaning is to basically understand what you are looking for, the supplies you will need for the job, and generally a simple guide to help you.

What to Look Out For

If you are going to clean your duct, it’s only logical to know exactly what to look out for. The duct is a very vital component of the entire HVAC systems and even small things that won’t really look important at first should not be ignored. The first thing is to check if there are any leaks on the duct. Additionally, don’t forget to check if there is any dust, mold and anything else that may seem like a contaminant. A leaky duct is very dangerous and can affect the air quality in your home and raise the bills substantially.

What You Need

There are some basic tools you will need to clean up your duct. First of all, you will need to mix a bleacher or another household cleaning detergent with water. You will also have to buy some plastic zip ties to reconnect the duct. Finally, make sure you have a cleaning rag and a paint brush to seal off the duct. With these simple tools, it will be easy to get the job done.

The process of cleaning is quite basic. After all, you know what you are looking for. So use the mixture of detergent and water to clear any contaminants and after you are done, seal off the duct very carefully. That’s it, a simple DIY air duct cleaning that anyone can practically do without any hassles.

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