The Best Way To Clean Your Garbage Disposal


We at Cleaner Visions: Cleaning and Home Solutions know how frustrating it can be to spend the time to keep your sink and counter top clean and shiny, only to have a lingering, moldy odor emanating from your garbage disposal. How to clean a garbage disposal, then, is an important thing to know for a kitchen that smells as clean as it is. Here are three easy and natural ways we have found that work.

Thanks to modern transportation, citrus can be enjoyed in the summer or in the winter. If you enjoy having a morning orange or grapefruit, do not just toss the rind into the garbage when you are done. Feed some to your disposal for a fresh citrus smell. Be sure to run water into the sink as you run the disposal. The peel will help clean the blades as the release their glorious scent to the air.

Putting a few ice cubes down your sink and running the disposal can help clean off the build up of old food particles that may, because of their odor, have become a constant reminder of meals gone by. Along the same vein, you can freeze vinegar in an ice cube tray as use them along with rock salt for an added cleaning boost.

Vinegar and baking soda often are used for various cleaning projects around the house. Together, they can be a volcano of clean for your garbage disposal. Sprinkle about one quarter to a half a cup of baking soda down the sink drain. Follow this by pouring in a cup of vinegar and letting the two to bubble and foam and do their cleaning magic for up to 10 minutes. Then flush the drain with hot or even boiling water to ensure a thorough clean. The combo also will deodorize the disposal and leave you with a fresh scent.

While some suggest using bleach to clean the disposal, we at Cleaner Visions: Cleaning and Home Solutions prefer to stick to safer, natural solutions. Bleach is a poison and can leave behind a distinct smell of bleach that will linger. So we recommend you keep your bleach with your laundry supplies and search for your garbage disposal solutions in your food cabinets. Follow us for more articles that will teach you how to clean anything and everything.