How To Clean Baking Trays


Do you want your roasting tins, baking and oven trays look and feel clean? Well, the team at Cleaner Visions, Cleaning and Home solutions have some useful tips to help you to clean greasy oven and baking trays. Baking sheets are invaluable cooking accessories; however, grease, burnt food particles and meat juices often form a greasy residue that is difficult to remove. The blackened tray gets sticky and you cannot find an effective way to clean the dirty pan.  Pop the greasy tray into the dishwasher and the grease and grime will remain in place. However, a dash of quality dishwashing detergent and a lot of elbow grease will soon remove the greasy film. So, how can you clean baking trays effectively?

The Best Way to Clean Greasy baking Trays

  • Don your rubber gloves to protect your skin
  • Wipe the excess grease from the oven tray using paper towels
  • Add a dash of dishwashing liquid to a sink full of hot water
  • Allow the baking tray to soak for an hour — Ensure the oven tray is fully submerged
  • Soaking oven and baking trays allows the dishwashing soap to disperse the grease and oils
  • After soaking, wipe non-stick baking pans with a cloth or a sponge
  • Scrub metal bakeware with a scouring pad
  • Rinse the baking pan with warm water
  • Place the clean bakeware into the dishwasher for one last clean

How to Effectively Clean Dirty Oven Trays

  • Your oven tray may be covered in meat-juices and burnt-on food particles, so always wear rubber gloves to clean baking trays
  • Wipe the dirt, grease and food debris from the oven pan using kitchen towels
  • Fill the sink with boiling hot water and add a generous cup full of baking soda
  • Watch the water and wait until the surface water begins to bubble
  • Let the dirty oven dish soak for one hour
  • The burnt-on stains will soften in the solution
  • Remove the oven tray from the hot water and wipe away the greasy crust
  • Put the clean baking trays in the dishwasher for one final clean

It is not easy to clean baked-on grease from roasting tins, oven or baking trays, however, nothing is impossible.  We have told you about the best way to clean baking trays and our method works well. At this point, you might like to consider ways to keep your baking trays clean all of the time. A clean oven tray is a hygienic baking tray and a lined oven tray stays clean. You can buy disposable foil roasting tins, but we feel the reusable tray liners are highly effective. If neither appeal, try lining your oven and baking trays with tinfoil. Foil-lined baking trays remain hygienic and clean.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this cleaning article. In fact, we have many more useful cleaning tips to share with you, so lookout for further tips on how to clean anything and everything.