How To Safely Clean Leather Purses

506465241Leather purses are accessories that most women would like to have and due to the cost and quality, they are accessories that should last quite some time. Over time leather purses can be dulled and broken down by every day use acquiring layers of dirt and grime. However, the life of the leather can be prolonged with periodic cleanings. Review any manufacturer tags that accompanied a leather purse for recommendations or suggestions prior to cleaning. Be sure to follow any cleaning suggestions by the manufacturer rather than contradicting the recommendations and potentially damaging the leather.

For a lightly soiled leather purse begin by emptying out the contents of the purse and turn the purse upside down and shake vigorously to remove loose dirt or debris. Simply wipe out the inside of the purse with a dry rag. Mix warm distilled water with a couple drops of mild face or body soap and wet a rag in the solution. Wring out the rag until it is barely wet and wipe the leather. Dry the leather with an additional dry rag while buffing the leather at the same time. Finally apply leather protector to the purse according to instructions.

Ink stains on leather purses can be treated by dipping a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and rubbing it over the stain until the ink is removed. Use a blow dryer on the lowest heat setting to dry the area. For other dark stains such as blood, construct a paste made of one part lemon juice and one part cream of tartar. Apply the paste to the stain and let it sit approximately 10 minutes. Remove the paste with a rag dampened with warm distilled water mixed with mild facial soap and dry the area with a dry clean rag. Grease stains can be handled by simply wiping the area with a dry cloth.

Some other things to remember in order to clean leather purses is to never use any type if oil on the leather, stay away from abrasives or harsh cleaners and avoid ammonia or bleach. Call or visit a professional cleaner if there is any doubt regarding the proper cleaning of a leather purse.

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