The Best Technique For Cleaning Cast Iron Skillets

123137882Cast iron cookware is great for cooking many dishes. Perhaps you have failed to maintain your cast iron cookware. Maybe it looks old and unusable. Perhaps it’s rusted and dirty. Follow these simple steps to restore and clean your cookware, returning it to its original glory.

Cleaning Cast Iron Skillets with Potatoes

Cleaning cast iron skillets begins with gathering these supplies: salt, the end of a raw potato, vegetable oil and gloves. With your rusty, dirty or old cast iron skillet in the sink, sprinkle salt liberally on the surface. Take the potato, cut side down and rub the salt into the skillet’s surface. The salt will take on the color of the rust and dirt in the skillet.  Rinse this out if it becomes too dirty.  Apply more salt and continue scrubbing with the potato. Give it a final rinse and dry out with a paper towel.

The cast iron is still not ready. After it is completely dry, pour a small amount of vegetable oil in the skillet. Rub the oil into the surface with a paper towel, removing any excess oil. Place skillet over low heat and allow it to sit for 30 minutes.

Quick Cast Iron Skillet Cleaning

Store your pan in a warm location. Each time you clean it, try not to use detergent.  Instead, clean it while it’s still hot. Run the skillet under water. Dry it out and with a paper towel use oil to wipe it clean. Always place it on the stove with a tiny bit of oil to re-season it after cooking.

Cast iron cookware can be use for stove top cooking as well as baking, and is the original non-stick cookware.

Cast Iron Skillets Last A Lifetime

The only thing that can destroy it is too much heat. Excessive heat can crack cast iron into pieces.

Don’t Clean Your Cast Iron Skillet With Soaps

Avoid harsh soaps and caustic cleaners when cleaning cast iron cookware, as cast iron skillets naturally absorb flavors; you do not want your pan absorbing the “flavor” of soap and then transferring it to your food. Allow the plain water, heat and vegetable oil to do the cleaning and seasoning of your cookware. Repeat the same processes each time your cook to make cleaning cast iron skillets easier.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Technique For Cleaning Cast Iron Skillets

  1. Seriously – a potato? I was just rubbing my aching arm after trying to use the scrub brush this morning on my pan. The blueberry sourdough pancakes always stick! I am going to have to try this. Thanks for the tip!

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