Philly Half Marathon: Just Where You Should Be On The 29th Of March, 2015

The Philadelphia Love Run is no doubt one of the most cherished annual events in this part of the United States since its inauguration last year. The half marathon will take place on the 29th of March, 2015 and as usual, it is organized by the main sponsors who are CGI racing.  Registration is currently open for participants and volunteers so you are free to confirm entry at any time.

Registration In Progress

The city’s newest spring half marathon sold out to well over 10000 runners in the year 2014 which happens to be its inaugural year.  So, if you want to guarantee your slot in this year’s racing tracks, you better get your registration done at the right time.

Do You Want To Volunteer?

More than 2000 volunteers are currently needed to help in facilitating the success of the race weekend.  This race is intended for charity and thus volunteers are an integral part. The good thing with volunteers is that they bring energy and enthusiasm to the other runners so as to make the marathon a major success.

Volunteering for CGI racing during the race weekend does not just go to the drain as such – there are perks that you stand to get in the process.  For instance, if you want to make money for your club, organization or team, the organizers will make a generous donation during the event to aid in that course.  However, the donation will be based on the number of volunteers you have in your team.  For groups or clubs, a minimum of 20 volunteers are needed.

CGI Racing Loves Perks

Even during the opening day, you will appreciate that the race and its organizers love perks.  Right from the Phillies tickets to the coffee mugs and free beer, you will definitely appreciate why this race has certainly become one of the most loved in Philadelphia.  Therefore, when taking part in the opening day love run, you can be assured of proper rewards both as a runner and a volunteer.

Take note of the fact that the first 10000 runners will get vouchers for Phillies home games only that the offer will not be valid on the opening day but during the month of April 2015. If you love to have fun and join others in charity work, this is definitely an event you shouldn’t miss.

To Learn More About Free Tickets, Registration, And More About This Philly Half Marathon Below:

Philly Half Marathon


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